Hugo Loves Tiki

Hugo Loves Tiki is a line of European-lifestyle inspired unisex children's clothing from designer Cheyenne Couch.
Her collection includes bold graphics, European languages and unique child-like drawings.

After college, Cheyenne and her long time love followed their dream of living abroad, moved to England and backpacked around Europe. Returning to the states, Cheyenne furthered her experience in fashion by living in NYC and, most recently, Chicago.

Born in California, raised in Indiana and experiencing life in England, Europe, NYC and Chicago have greatly influenced her creatively. These places and experiences spill over into every design. She thinks of these travels often, and they continue to influence most aspects of her daily life with her children. Interesting and healthy foods, randomly speaking to her two sons (Hugo, 3 and Roman, 1) in broken European languages, trying to create a slower paced life and, of course, a more fashion forward wardrobe are just some of the mementos she has taken from her travels and incorporated into her children's lives.

Hugo Loves Tiki is based in Indiana, in the Midwestern United States and began with DIY screen printed t-shirts that resembled foreign language flash cards. These prints have become part of Cheyenne’s signature. It is her hope that children who wear these flash card shirts become more interested in other languages and traveling outside of their own country to see how the rest of the world lives.

tights black pink stripe

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