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Facemaker Mini

Mini Facemaker is perfect for journeys by train and plane. It’s much lighter than the Facemaker toy. The smaller, more tactile blocks are enjoyed by older children, helping to increase their motor skills and dexterity. Facemaker is a set of 25 colourful, hand printed, environmentally friendly hardwood blocks made of replenishable rubber wood. Explore your creativity and discover thousands of unique faces to be made with these 25 wooden blocks. Will you make the cowboy, or the queen - or perhaps a character only you can imagine? We put lots of effort into creating a universal set of shapes which allow for imagination and personality to breathe through. We have found an endless variation of features and characters using Facemaker. There are all sorts of faces which we recognise, and which make us smile! Each set measures 12.5cm x12.5cm and 2.5 cm high.

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