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HeartShapes is a set of fifty wooden pieces made from environmentally friendly rubber wood.

It comes boxed in the shape of a heart. Every piece can be used to make the word “Love”.
Like the other Miller Goodman toys, you can use HeartShapes to create hundreds of your own designs too. Use your heart to turn the pieces into love birds, animals, flamingos, or spell out words and messages for your loved ones. The curves and blocks allow for endless fun and games.

• like the other Miller Goodman toys each block in HeartShapes is unique; each piece allows for endless creativity.
• The illustration sheet included will help you to follow favourite designs, but once you begin to experiment, you’ll find that anything can be made.
• Proud recipients of a DandAD Pencil for HeartShapes at the 2016 awards for creative excellence in graphic design.
• Box dimension 27 x 24 x 4cm.

  • one size
  • € 55,00

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