Payment Options

In the Bling shop you can pay with:

This is the most quick and easy way to pay within the Netherlands. Trustfully and safely you pay with your own bank. All payment details are filled in for you and you get a real-time confirmation of your payment. There are no extra charges. Ideal can only be used by customers with a dutch bankaccount.

Ideal is a joint initiative of dutch banks only and is supported by: ABN AMRO, ASN Bank, bunq, ING, Knab, Rabobank, SNS bank, regions bank, Triodos Bank of Van Lanschot Bankiers.

MasterCard/Maestro and Visa
you can can pay online with MasterCard/visa and Maestro on the secure payment page. Fill in your personal and card details. After verification and approval, the payment will be confirmed and the transaction completed. 

Belgian account holders can safely and trustfully pay by their own bank. All payment details are filled in for you and confirmation you get a real-time confirmation. Security and trust is absolutely guaranteed. There are no extra charges.

Bancontact is supported by: ABK Bank, Argenta, AXA Bank, Bank j. Van Breda, Belfius,, Beobank, BNP Paribas Fortis, Postbank, CBC Banque, CPH Banque, Urelan, Deutsche Bank, Fintro, Hello Bank, ING Belgium, KBC Bank, Keytrade Bank, Record Bank, VDK spaarbank

With a Paypal account or credit card you can safely and quickly pay with Paypal. Unfortunately there are costs associated with paying with Paypal. The extra cost, € 0.35 + 3.4% on the order total will be charged on your order. please contact us for more info.

You can transfert the money by bank. Please contact us for this payment option. The details of the prepayment are mentioned in your orderconfirmation which you receive by mail. As soon as we have received the money (usually it takes 1 or 2 business days), we will send your order to the shipping address. If we do not receive your payment within 4 working days we will cancel your order.

The Bling Sunday's best bank account details are: 
Rabobank 1525.85.893
by Bling, Geleen
IBAN NL33RABO0152585893
Please mention your ordernumber.
Pickup at store
When picking up your order at the shop (Munstergeleen) you can pay cash or with  pin.