Penco/ High Tide/ Nahe

Storage Containers, set of 4, Green

Keep all your goods organized and in one place with this Penco set of 4 storage boxes. Made of a sturdy plastic, these retro-looking sets stack inside one another and are perfect for crafts and office supplies, school, toys, tools, and anything else that you can think of!

• Sizes: Small - 19.7 (l) x 12.5 (h) x 4.5 cm (d), Medium - 20.7 (l) x 14 (h) x 5.4 cm (d), Large - 22 (l) x 15.5 (h) x 6 cm (d), Extra large - 23.5 (l) x 17 (h) x 7cm (d)
• Origin: Taiwan